King Media

Media share script

KingMedia is a content sharing script suitable for different posts formats:

Make sure you have:
And make sure your web server is running:
If you are not sure about this, please check with your web hosting provider.
1 - Create a MySQL database, and a MySQL User with full permissions for that database.
2 - Note down the MySQL details: username, password, database name and server host name. If MySQL is running on the same server as your website, the server host name is likely to be or localhost.
3 - Open king-config.php in your text editor, insert the MySQL details at the top, and save the file. Do not use a word processor such as Microsoft Word for this, but rather Notepad or another appropriate text editing program.
define('QA_MYSQL_HOSTNAME', '');

define('QA_MYSQL_USERNAME', 'your-mysql-username');

define('QA_MYSQL_PASSWORD', 'your-mysql-password');

define('QA_MYSQL_DATABASE', 'your-mysql-db-name');
4 - Place all the KingMedia files (including .htaccess) in the appropriate location on your web server:
5 - Open the appropriate web page for KingMedia in your web browser, for example:
6 - Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your database and administrator account. That's ALL !
if installation doesn't work import database/database.sql to your mysql phpmyadmin ;
username: admin 
pass : admin 
(change after login)
and than dont forget to insert your domain on admin panel > general > site url , 


1 - Go to Admin page and be sure your page URL look like this ( must be " / " end of url ) 
2 - Go to Admin > Layout and insert your logo url 
3 - You can Add related media and tag cloud widgets 

4 - For Social Logins for example ; facebook, twitter, aol ..... go to admin > plugins and click options of Open Logins plugin ;

upload or share image by URL

Admin Panel

If you have another question you can ask on support page

You can download free plugins from here; Add-ons